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Troop Bucks

Earn Credit for Participation in Troop Fundraisers

Troop Bucks are an individual Scout’s portion of designated profit earned from a Troop fundraising event. They can be redeemed as if they were real bucks to pay for certain Scout-related activities, clothing and equipment

The granting of Troop Bucks is at the discretion of the Troop Committee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Purpose of Troop Bucks?

A: The purpose is to reward a Scout that participates in a fundraiser on an individual basis based on their efforts.

Q: Where do Troop Bucks Come From?

A: The Troop Committee decides prior to a fundraising event how the profit will be split, or if it will be split, between Troop Bucks and the Troop General Fund. For example it might be split on a 75/25 percentage, with 75% for the Troop and 25% for Troop Bucks. This is called the “Total Dollar Amount” of Troop Bucks.

Q: How are Troop Bucks Calculated?

A: An individual’s Troop Bucks are computed in the following manner:

1) The “Total Dollar Amount” for a fundraiser is established by the Committee;

2) The number of hours worked or number of items sold or a combination of the two is totaled across all Scouts that participated in the fundraiser to get a “Total Unit Count”;

3) The value of a single unit (e.g. an hour worked or an item sold) is called the “Unit Amount” and is calculated as Total Dollar Amount divided by Total Unit Count;

4) Each Scout’s individual contribution is calculated to get an “Individual Unit Count”;

5) A Scout’s individual Troop Bucks are calculated as the Unit Amount multiplied by the Scout’s Individual Unit Count;

6) All Troop Bucks are totaled – this total equals the Total Dollar Amount if all the calculations went well;

7) The Troop Bucks are recorded against each Scout’s account and kept separate from the General Fund.

Q: Who can Earn Troop Bucks?

A: Any registered Scout or Scout Leader. Additionally Scouting families or friends, if they participate in a Troop fundraiser, can earn Troop Bucks for a specific Scout.

Q: What can Troop Bucks be Used For?

A: Troop Bucks can be used for: 1) Any type of Scouting fee (camping, camporees, dues); 2) Camping/hiking equipment that will be used for Scouting; 3) Scout Uniforms; 4) Any other item that the Scoutmaster approves.

Q: How are Troop Bucks Redeemed?

A: If a Scout wishes to use Troop Bucks for fees or dues, contact the Troop Treasurer directly.

Q: If a Scout wishes to use Troop Bucks for Scout Uniforms, bring the receipt to the Troop Treasurer and a check will be issued.

A: If a Scout wishes to use Troop Bucks for hiking/camping equipment he must get prior Scoutmaster approval (this enables the Scoutmaster to assist the Scout in purchasing the correct equipment). After purchase the receipt should be given to the Troop Treasurer and a check will be issued.

Redeeming Troop Bucks for any other purpose is at the sole discretion of the Scoutmaster.

Note: Checks will never be issued in excess of a Scout’s Troop Bucks balance.

Q: Who can Redeem Troop Bucks?

A: Any Scout in good standing and who is active in the Troop.

Q: What happens when a Scout leaves the Troop?

A: When a Scout moves on, Troop Bucks can be used to purchase equipment (with Scoutmaster approval) up to 30 days after the Scout gives the Scoutmaster notice that he will be leaving the Troop. If the time period lapses; Troop Bucks revert to the General Fund. If a Scout becomes inactive and the Troop Committee has established that the Scout will remain inactive, the money reverts to the General Fund.

Q: What Happens when a Scout Turns 18?

A: A Scout has 30 days to purchase equipment (with Scoutmaster approval) after his 18th birthday to redeem his Troop Bucks, if he does not his Troop Bucks revert to the General Fund. A Scout may register with the intent of becoming an active adult leader with the troop; in this case his Troop Buck account would remain intact.

Q: Can Troop Bucks be Given to Another Scout?

A: No.

Q: Can Troop Bucks be Donated to a Charity?

A: No, except that you may, of course, donate them to the Troop!

Q: Can Troop Bucks be Exchanged for Cash?

A: No – you may not get cash for your Troop Bucks.

Q: Do Troop Bucks Expire?

A: Only when you leave the Troop or become inactive.

Q: How do I Find My Troop Buck Balance?

A: Ask the Troop Treasurer.

Disclaimer: The above is not intended to be all-inclusive. The Troop Committee will review other matters regarding Troop Bucks and their use as needed, and reserves the right to change the Troop Bucks rules at any time and without notice.

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