Troop 323's Roster of Eagle Scouts
Roll NumberNameEagle Date
117Lowery, Robby01/10/2020
116Ceranski, Trevor01/10/2020
115Kelley, Carson01/10/2020
114Kelley, Cole01/10/2020
113Hull, Houston09/12/2019
112Wright, Caleb09/12/2019
111Baney, Broc01/10/2019
110Ordog, Chase11/07/2018
109Steffensen, Colin11/07/2018
108Marra, Keaton11/07/2018
107Hull, Elliot09/05/2018
106Pichon, Donnie06/06/2018
105Nicholas, Alex05/02/2018
104Perdue, Trevin03/01/2018
103Edwards, Clayten03/01/2018
102Carver, Jonathan12/07/2017
101Lebert, Sebastian09/07/2017
100Steffensen, Logan07/06/2017
99Garner, Nate05/26/2017
98Struckmeyer, Erik03/02/2017
97Foulger, Nate12/01/2016
96Kloostra, Tanner08/04/2016
95Stumpp, Nolan05/05/2016
94Wright, Garrett02/04/2016
93Muskatevc, Andrew10/02/2014
92Johnston, Chandler B04/03/2014
91Muskatevc, Stephen01/13/2014
90Spenik, Kyle A01/02/2014
89McCarthy, Thomas07/11/2013
88Bohult, Eric R01/03/2013
87Cini, Eddie10/04/2012
86Clemons, Coleson09/06/2012
85Rawlins, Brenden06/07/2012
84Schira, Connor J10/07/2011
83Waldron, Juan C09/01/2011
82Olsen-Mikitowicz, Michael M05/05/2011
81Foulger, Ian C06/24/2010
80Petkiewicz, Matthew S06/03/2010
79Sawottke, Spencer R06/03/2010
78Skebo, Alec06/03/2010
77Waldron, Jose D05/18/2010
76Baranowski, Jeffrey C04/02/2009
75Meyers, David B01/06/2009
74Ballou, Brian R11/06/2008
73Ernst Jr, Ronald M10/02/2008
72Skebo, Adam R08/07/2008
71Baranowski, Michael E02/07/2008
70Meyers, Travis B10/04/2007
69Wingert, Maxon C05/03/2007
68Grandlienard, Tony J01/05/2007
67Hawk, Christopher W12/07/2006
66Replogle, John M06/01/2006
65Whitmire, Benjamin J04/06/2006
64Rutherford, Mitchell R03/02/2006
63Replogle, Joseph M10/06/2005
62Holland, Barry A09/01/2005
61Hawk, Kevin M08/04/2005
60Burkhart, Jeffrey C03/03/2005
59Hart, Robert J02/03/2005
58Eastman, Scott J01/16/2005
57Hockett, Michael D "Doug"09/02/2004
56Rockow, Brett M08/05/2004
55Golab, Matthew E07/01/2004
54Romeo, Michael07/01/2004
53Brandes, William04/01/2004
52Torvie, Eric04/01/2004
51Rutherford, Evan S02/05/2004
50Jones, Scott01/15/2004
49Robertson, David01/15/2004
48Richards, Nick06/09/2003
47Shadegg, Stephen05/02/2002
46Causey, Jared11/01/2001
45Christiansen, Lance D.07/05/2001
44Williams, Richie T.07/05/2001
43Hart, Michael W.05/03/2001
42Anderson, Bryan04/05/2001
41Anderson, Tyler04/05/2001
40Coor, Stephen S.04/05/2001
39Burkhart, Adam C.12/07/2000
38Schmatjen, M. John11/01/2000
37Anderson, Ryan07/06/2000
36Fahy, John F.06/01/2000
35Small, David C.04/06/2000
34Brown, Ryan R.03/02/2000
33Delgadillo, Jorge08/10/1999
32Cairo, Anthony04/01/1999
31Burdick, Nick S.12/03/1998
30Markiewicz, Brad J.12/03/1998
29Kuhl, William F.09/03/1998
28Causey, Brent J.10/02/1997
27Metzger, Michael J.10/02/1997
26Roth, Brandon T.03/06/1997
25Johnson, John C.12/05/1996
24Nielsen, Kevin M.08/12/1996
23Halle, Ryan02/15/1996
22Kattan, David R.12/07/1995
21Pinger, Ray11/14/1994
20Johnson, Joe08/30/1994
19Richardson, Chad08/30/1994
18Scarbrough, Bill08/30/1994
17Gries, Hank07/07/1994
16Gunnink, Tim07/07/1994
15Pederson, Jim06/02/1994
14Mosher, Mike05/05/1994
13Peterson, Chris05/05/1994
12Liston, Andrew04/07/1994
11Nielsen, Derek06/10/1992
10Grossblat, David01/09/1991
9Lew, Jeff11/01/1990
8Halle, Scott07/11/1990
7Kolber, Tony06/13/1990
6Markiewicz, Josh06/13/1990
5Aldrich, Aaron03/14/1990
4Pederson, Eric10/18/1989
3Siegel, Jeff10/18/1989
2Drake, Steve06/14/1989
1Sandhaus, Jay06/27/1988

Eagle in Flight

Eagle Badge
The Eagle Scout Rank is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scout program of the Boy Scouts of America. Since its introduction in 1911, the Eagle Scout Rank has been earned by more than 2 million young men. The title of "Eagle Scout" is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase "Once an Eagle, always an Eagle".

Requirements include earning a number of merit badges and demonstrating Scout Spirit, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. Eagle Scouts are presented with a medal and a badge that visibly recognizes the accomplishments of the Scout. Additional recognition can be earned through Eagle Palms, awarded for completing additional tenure, leadership, and merit badge requirements.