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December 2020 – Bike outing!

2020 has been a year of doing things differently and the bike outing was no exception. This year we had the Group camp for both Friday and Saturday evenings allowing us to start and end from camp. Mr. Brian Kloft did an excellent job of providing a challenging course once again and the scouts ate it up. With over 27.5 miles this was the longest ride by fare. We hit many of the favorite locations along the way including balancing rock. Thanks to the 30+ participants for another memorable bike outing.

December 2020 Troop Meeting

The PLC selected the Eludesions Escape Rooms for this year’s December Troop meeting. December troop meetings are all about having a good time and the Escape Rooms provided plenty for all. We had enough scouts participate to take on 3 of the challenging puzzles. If you have never done this before you have to give it a try. Good Job to all that made it out to try again another day.

November 2020 – Hotshots Memorial trail

It’s November 21, and it is a beautiful day to get out and hike. 21 scouts and adults made the drive to the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park trailhead to make the hike to the fatality site. The hike is a mix of steep rocky beauty and somber overviews. The memorial at the fatality site really brought the magnitude of the tragedy to light. This is well worth the effort and a must-do if you have never done it before. Here is a link to the park’s website with more details.

JYLT 2020

Thanks to Mr Don Nicholas the Troops JYLT trainer we have a new group of elidjibal youth to continue leading the other scouts into the future. This years venue ws a little different as we do not have access to the church yet so we where able to get some space in the North Mountain Visitor Center. As usual, the youth did a bang-up job of ordering Pizza and Soda for all.

Thanks again Mr Nicolas

October 2020 – Mt. Humphreys summit

It’s a month later than we historically have attempted summiting Arizona’s largest mountain and it was colder too. October temps are 10-20ยบ colder than we typically see in September and it was apparent as everyone was outfitted in poof jackets hats and gloves. The cooler weather did help allow us to carry less water than we have in the past and still remain well hydrated. Congratulations to this year’s group of submitters.

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